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Long Waits for Remote IT Support Frustrate Users and Sap Productivity

For most organizations, the shift to remote work is not a temporary fix to meet pandemic-related social distancing requirements. It’s now a permanent feature of modern workstyles — and that is creating IT challenges.

business communications

6 Reasons Why Voice Communication Is Still Critical in Business

Phone calls represent just 5 percent of all business communications, according to some estimates. Organizations have a wide range of alternatives, including email, online chat, text messages and conferencing platforms. Voice communication may seem slower and more cumbersome than these newer technologies, but it still has tremendous value.

How the Right MSP Can Help Overcome Compliance Costs and Complexity

Regulatory compliance requirements are increasing across a broad range of industries. Between new regulations and changes to existing regulations, organizations are struggling just to keep up with the scope and depth of compliance. What was once a yearly review and assessment has become a daily effort to ensure that all processes and strategies meet the latest regulatory requirements.

overcome the IT skills gap

How to Overcome the IT ‘Skills Gap’ and Meet Today’s Demands

Organizations of all sizes are accelerating their digital transformation (DX) initiatives in response to the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Business leaders recognize that agile, flexible and digitized businesses have the resilience to respond to disruptive events. This is driving efforts to automate business processes, implement advanced technologies and adopt cloud services.

Remote Work From Home

Remote Work Is Here to Stay. Is Your Organization Prepared?

At least one positive thing has emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic: It has dispelled many longstanding doubts about the feasibility of remote work. In many cases, work-from-home models have increased productivity while reducing overhead costs and enhancing employee satisfaction. In a recent PwC survey, 83 percent of employers say the shift to remote work has been successful.

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