Satellite Solutions for Secure, Reliable Connectivity in Any Location

  • Reliable connectivity anywhere: Instant network access in remote areas and during disasters
  • Built-in secure and private network: protect sensitive information
  • Portable and adaptable solution with rapid set-up
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Problems It Solves

  • Lack of broadband connectivity in remote locations
  • Unavailability of cellular service in a disaster
  • Complex, time-consuming setup of traditional satellite solutions
  • Risks to sensitive information that traverse the public Internet
  • Cost of permanent satellite connectivity that’s only needed as backup
  • Need for temporary, mobile solutions for short-term operation
  • IT resources needed to implement, monitor and maintain remote networks

The Need for Reliable access to network connectivity

Critical industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, and mining need reliable access to network connectivity. However, their facilities are often located in remote areas that lack cellular service. Cellular networks are also vulnerable to disasters that can damage or destroy infrastructure components.

Land-based satellite connectivity solutions offer a dependable alternative in such situations. Many portable, plug-and-play satellite solutions need little more than a power source.


The GDS NOMAD Explorer

The GDS NOMAD EXPLORER solution leverages VSAT technology to rapidly establish secure voice and data network connectivity in areas where cellular infrastructure is either nonexistent or damaged. Its size and simple setup make it ideal for situations requiring fast implementation.

NOMAD EXPLORER supports applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP), enterprise network access and broadband Internet access. Security is baked in — VSAT satellites can be used to create a completely private network that does not traverse the public Internet. Integrated authentication, encryption, modulation and coding schemes add further layers of protection.

Get a reliable, land-based satellite connectivity solution

The GDS NOMAD Explorer Service enables you to:

Ensure reliable connectivity to remote locations

with a fixed-antenna VSAT system that delivers the dedicated bandwidth necessary to support long-term operations involving dozens or even hundreds of concurrent users.

Rapidly recover from terrestrial network outages

with VSAT connectivity. Choose from a fixed-antenna option with usage-based billing or a vehicle-mounted system with an auto-acquisition controller.

Gain the benefits of satellite with flexible consumption models

GDS offers the flexibility of consumption-based pricing, including Hardware-as-Service options.

Protect sensitive data without added complexity.

NOMAD EXPLORER's integrated security features secure data transmissions while eliminating the need to deploy an SD-WAN router or VPN appliance to encrypt data.

Deploy satellite quickly whenever needed.

The size and simple setup of NOMAD Explorer make it ideal for use cases requiring fast implementation.

Control throughput to ensure bandwidth for mission-critical apps.

With cellular, you’re dependent on the health and throughput of the cellular service. With satellite, you can control the throughput from end to end.