Simple and Secure Solutions for Remote WAN Access

  • Provide workers in the field with secure, reliable connectivity
  • Reduce costs with seamless cellular WAN coverage in a fixed-rate pricing model
  • Simple & fast to deploy with 24/7/365 Support

Problems It Solves

  • Lack of reliable connectivity in remote locations
  • Unpredictable cost of per-gigabyte data plans
  • Risk of potentially destructive cyberattacks
  • Business disruption where cellular service is down or unavailable
  • Complicated management of multiple telecom services

Discover how GDS® Solutions Solved the Connectivity Problems MORRISON Faced

GDS Connectivity Case Study


However, it’s seldom practical or even possible to provision terrestrial network services. Small teams require the flexibility to set up operations quickly at job sites, customer facilities and other remote locations.

Cellular services provide near-instantaneous connectivity, but per-gigabyte data plans increase costs and make budgeting difficult. What’s more, cellular service isn’t available in all locations. Organizations need an alternative connectivity option when remote workers move outside a cellular provider’s service area.

A Cost-Effective, Reliable Connectivity Solution: NOMAD

gds voyager offshore vesselGDS offers tightly integrated WAN services that provide the reliability organizations need in a fully managed, easy-to-use solution. The core of the solution is NOMAD, which delivers seamless cellular WAN. Flexible no-overage plans provide a predictable financial outcome regardless of data usage.

These services are delivered in a plug-and-play solution that simplifies remote connectivity. A self-contained, portable device serves as an “office in a box” for teams of up to 25 people, with multiple transport options, traffic shaping and application management.

The plug-and-play solution also provides wired and wireless LAN connections for multiple devices, and includes advanced security features to defend against cyberattacks.

24/7/365 Monitoring & Management

The experts at GDS monitor and manage the solution around-the-clock to ensure reliability. The solution also simplifies the support model, providing one number to call for any issue.

Experience the Freedom to do Business from Anywhere

GDS Land LTE Connectivity solutions enable you to:

Provide remote users with near-instantaneous cellular connectivity

in virtually any location. 

Simplify deployment

with an all-in-one, plug-and-play solution that provides WAN connectivity and wired and wireless LAN services.

Reduce security risks

through secure threat management, a zone-based, stateful firewall, and Web content filtering. IPSEC VPN support helps to protect sensitive data traveling over the Internet.

Smooth out WAN costs

with a fixed-rate pricing model and multiple data rate options. All equipment and management services are bundled into the plan.

Ensure the performance of business-critical applications

with Quality of Service technology. Using IP Differentiated Services standards, customers can prioritize applications such as dispatch, logistics, telematics and monitoring.

Minimize the burden on in-house IT teams

with GDS managed services and simplified billing. The solution is monitored, maintained and supported to ensure a high-quality user experience.