Fully Managed SD-WAN Approach

Fully Managed, Carrier Managed or DIY: What’s the Best Approach to SD-WAN?

This whitepaper goes into detail on the three different types of SD-WAN your organization can implement and the benefits and pitfalls of each.

Healthcare Security Strategy

Healthcare Security Strategy

This whitepaper will explain how a defense-indepth strategy based upon fully managed security solutions can enable healthcare organizations to boost their security posture efficiently and cost-effectively

Hurricane & Disaster Plan Whitepaper

Hurricane & Severe Weather Readiness Guide

Hurricane season is here. Do you have a disaster readiness & recovery plan? Learn how to protect your data, your customers, and your future by downloading our free guide

Cyber Security Concepts Whitepaper

Security Concepts for a Digital Workplace

The focus of this white paper is to shed some light onto a very dark topic – cyber security. You'll gain insights into what cyber threats your business will face and how you can protect it. You'll learn about how a properly designed architecture can protect every area of your business in the digital space.

When Ransomware Strikes Whitepaper

When Ransomware Strikes

This whitepaper will compare the outcomes of one organization that was inadequately prepared for a ransomware attack and one that was protected by managed security services from GDS. It will also give you insights into what ransomware is about how to protect your business.

Continuous Security Monitoring

This whitepaper explores how your IT team can leverage continuous monitoring tools to determine the nature and threat level of attacks.

Inland Marine Connectivity

This whitepaper takes an in-depth look at enabling highly reliable and cost-efficient connectivity for inland marine operations.

LTE WAN Connectivity


This whitepaper will explain the value of 4G/LTE in the modern WAN architecture and use cases for cellular data transport.

SD-WAN Quality of Service


This whitepaper will explain why QoS is essential to deliver high-quality business communication services.

SD-WAN Integrated Security


This whitepaper will explain how organizations can effectively incorporate SD-WAN security into their cybersecurity strategies to protect against cyberattack.

Using Threat Intelligence to Protect Against Cyberattacks


Threat intelligence provides the actionable information organizations need to enhance their security strategies.

This whitepaper will explain how organizations can effectively incorporate threat intelligence into their cybersecurity strategies to protect against cyberattack.

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