Managed LAN and WLAN Solution that Enhances Network Agility, Reliability and Security

  • Fully Managed LAN/WLAN for Increased Demand
  • Provide users with secure, reliable access to the IT resources they need
  • 24/7/365 real-time monitoring and management from GDS
Managed LAN/WLAN

Problems It Solves

  • High cost and complexity of network upgrades
  • Lack of expertise in wireless LAN design
  • Inadequate Wi-Fi coverage, capacity and performance
  • Growing risk of network security threats
  • Need for Power over Ethernet to support IoT devices
  • Insufficient staff resources for network management

Demand for LAN & WLAN Access Grows

As organizations shift to hybrid work models, they are seeing escalating demand for LAN and wireless LAN access. This is driving the need for network upgrades to enable greater performance, capacity and coverage. However, few IT teams have the expertise to design and implement high-density Wi-Fi 6 controllers and access points. The transition to multigigabit Wi-Fi also requires network switch upgrades to handle increased WLAN traffic.

The Solution: GDS LINK PRO

With GDS LINK PRO, organizations can provide users with secure, reliable access to the IT resources they need while eliminating the capital investments and operational overhead of traditional on-premises networking equipment. GDS provides all of the LAN and WLAN technologies needed to create an agile and reliable infrastructure in a Hardware-as-a-Service solution. Integrated security automation and visibility features provide robust defense against the latest threats.

GDS experts manage the entire solution in our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center for a unified IT experience. We use state-of-the-art monitoring and alerting tools to ensure that the network is available, secure and performing optimally.

Enhance Your Network Agility, Reliability & Security with GDS LAN Solutions

The GDS LINK PRO solution enables you to:

Deliver the throughput and coverage required for today’s demanding applications

with advanced Wi-Fi 6 technologies. Wi-Fi 6 offers reliable connectivity with data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Gain agile, reliable and secure connectivity

while enabling IT and facilities groups to focus on strategic initiatives rather than managing the network.

Optimize network resources and performance

with integrated Layer 7 fingerprinting, which gives GDS engineers the visibility needed to control individual users and devices.

Maximize network security

with a built-in stateful firewall, wireless segmentation capabilities, and a wireless intrusion detection and prevention system with automated threat remediation.

Support today’s remote and multisite operations

by seamlessly integrating network hardware and management resources.

Upgrade your network with no capital investments and minimal business disruption.

All LINK PRO equipment is remotely configured in the GDS NOC and physically installed by a GDS technician who ensures it’s functioning optimally.