Simple and Secure Solutions for Network Access Anywhere

  • Provide workers in the field with secure, reliable connectivity
  • Leverage our private network with greater security & lower cost
  • Simple to use with same-day deployment
  • No hassle solution with 24/7/365 support
Mobile Connectivity

Problems It Solves

  • Lack of reliable, secure connectivity for mobile users
  • High cost and complexity of traditional WANs
  • Security threats associated with mobile connections
  • Business disruption and productivity losses due to lack of network access
  • Complicated billing for telecom services

Discover how GDS® Solutions Solved the Connectivity Problems MORRISON Faced

GDS Connectivity Case Study

Access to applications, data and collaboration tools while on the move is essential in the energy sector.

Mobile computing is proven to increase productivity, improve quality and on-time delivery, reduce waste, and enable faster time-to-market. According to a U.S. energy research company, these benefits are driving $18.7 billion in investment in mobile technologies.

Reliable Network Connectivity is Essential


But mobile apps and services are of little value without network connectivity. Workers need to stay connected whether they are traveling, at temporary job sites or in the field.

Traditional WAN services don’t provide the consistent reliability, performance and security that mobile users need.Nomad 2 Go | Mobile Connectivity

GDS NOMAD-2-GO Connects You Anywhere

GDS has developed a unique plug-and-play solution that simplifies mobile connectivity. NOMAD-2-GO is a portable, plug-and-play device that provides network connectivity and communications services for one or two people. Same-day deployment ensures that mobile workers have the access they need quickly.

The solution leverages the GDS private network to enable greater performance and security at lower cost than traditional solutions. GDS’s advanced toolsets and network reach enable us to find connectivity options virtually anywhere, anytime.

24/7/365 Monitoring & Management

Application-layer traffic monitoring and traffic shaping prioritize mission-critical applications, while built-in advanced security features protect against threats and block unnecessary and harmful traffic. The solution is monitored, managed and supported by the experts at GDS with one simple bill for all connectivity services.

Experience the Freedom to do Business from Anywhere

GDS Mobile and Remote Connectivity solutions enable you to:

Provide mobile users with secure network access in any location

that has a source of electrical power. NOMAD-2-GO is always ready to work. No more lost productivity, lost sales or regulatory compliance issues.

Gain true mobility as well as robust network services

with an all-in-one solution housed in a hardened case. Remote workers get everything they need to quickly establish voice and data services.

Reduce security risks

through deep packet inspection, malware detection, content filtering and other advanced controls.  

Get mobile users up and running quickly

with a plug-and-play solution that can be deployed the same day. NOMAD-2-GO can provide instant connectivity without waiting months for traditional services to be provisioned.

Utilize business applications with maximum efficiency

- no more choppy videos or waiting for emails to go through.

Experience the best in customer service and support.

Highly trained engineers are ready to help with monitoring and proactive maintenance, troubleshooting, and moves, adds and changes.