Cisco Duo - A Fully Managed, MFA Solution for Business

  • Fully Managed - Implementation, onboarding, ongoing administration and support
  • Bolster Security - Protect your business resources
  • Easy for staff to use, with 24/7/365 support from GDS
Cisco DUO - multifactor authentication (MFA)

Problems It Solves

  • Poor password practices that weaken security
  • Threat of hackers accessing the network using stolen passwords
  • User pushback against complex MFA solutions
  • Risk of MFA compromise through phishing attacks
  • IT resources required to manage MFA
  • Need for MFA to meet regulatory requirements

Secure Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Security experts recommend using multifactor authentication (MFA) to reduce reliance on passwords alone for accessing IT resources. Research shows that more than 80 percent of all data breaches involve weak, default or stolen passwords. MFA adds another layer of security by requiring a combination of verification factors, such as a password or PIN along with a security token, mobile app or biometric identifier.

Cisco Duo Makes it Easy to Adopt MFA

2fAThe Cisco Duo solution makes it easy to adopt MFA for users. When a user attempts to log into a Duo-enabled system or application, Duo sends a push notification to the user’s device. The user simply verifies that the information is correct and accepts the authentication request.

GDS offers Cisco Duo as a fully managed solution, with comprehensive implementation services and ongoing administration and support. The GDS team handles the onboarding and off-boarding of users, provisioning of user accounts, testing and turn-up. We also keep the duo platform patched and up-to-date and troubleshoot user access issues.

Secure Your Resources with MFA & Cisco Duo

The GDS Multifactor Authentication solution enables you to:

Bolster security

by requiring two or more types of credentials to verify a user’s identity. MFA reduces the risks associated with poor password hygiene, keylogging malware and brute-force attacks.

Minimize administrative overhead

by making it easy for users to enroll and manage their devices. There are also automatic enrollment options to synchronize users from existing directories.

Add MFA to a wide range of applications.

Duo serves as a gateway to the IT infrastructure, protecting applications without impacting legacy systems.

Gain visibility into every Duo-enabled device that connects to the network.

Administrators can identify devices that don’t meet security standards and enforce health checks at every login attempt to ensure compliance.

Set up granular access policies

based on user, location, device and other characteristics, and manage them globally or by application or group.

Offload implementation and management

of Cisco Duo MFA to the experts at GDS. Our team can also define roles and responsibilities, set up standard reports, and onboard, and configure new devices.