Free your IT team to focus on Strategy Instead of Support

GDS Remote Desktop Management Services relieve the burden for your IT teams in supporting your company’s end-users so they can focus on the business.

  • Fully monitored maintenance/support
  • Reliable real-time/historical reporting
  • Securely managed environment

Problems It Solves

  • Desktop maintenance and support headaches
  • Productivity lost due to desktop downtime
  • Unpatched security vulnerabilities
  • Slow response to security events
  • Inability to focus IT resources on strategic initiatives

Desktop PCs remain a vital part of the IT environment, delivering the processing power, storage capacity and user experience many workers need to perform their jobs. Desktops also create a substantial operational burden for IT teams. Patching, updating and managing PCs and supporting end-users is a resource-intensive process.

Managed Desktop Support from GDS maximizes the performance, security and reliability of your desktops while freeing your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives. We continually monitor your desktops, perform proactive maintenance, and manage security events and alarms.

The service includes remote support of the desktop environment, including the troubleshooting and management of login issues, Office applications, and printer and network connectivity problems. It features an end-user support portal, and real-time and historical reporting on the health of your desktop environment. The solution is particularly well-suited for organizations with remote offices that lack in-house IT support.

Give Your IT Team the Freedom to Grow
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Remote Desktop Management enables you to:

Ensure that your desktops are secure and performing optimally

while relieving the burden on in-house IT staff. Ongoing monitoring of security events, service levels and application metrics enables proactive response to issues.

Provide end-users with responsive 24x7 support

across all of your locations. Our highly trained staff can rapidly identify and troubleshoot problems to minimize productivity-killing downtime.

Gain insight into the overall health of your desktop environment

through real-time dashboards and historical reporting.

Stay on top of emerging security threats

and respond more rapidly to security events impacting the desktop environment. The GDS team will promptly apply patches and updates to minimize vulnerabilities.

Develop desktop PC standards

that simplify management and support while ensuring various user profiles have the resources they need.

Better manage hardware and software

to reduce security and compliance risks, rein in costs, and streamline desktop upgrades and new software rollouts.