Always On Facilities

With over three and a half decades of experience, GDS has developed highly specialized solutions that address the challenges of our client’s unique market and business challenges and opportunities. Our consultants know the industries in which we play, and can provide our clients with the most up-to-date and innovative approaches to managing and overcoming industry pains.


GDS Helpdesk & 24x7x365 NOC

GDS offers a global footprint for physical offices, support & maintenance offices, teleport locations and data center locations. Through our own wholly owned and partnered facilities, we can service and support our clients across the globe. GDS facilities and resources are vital to our timely, responsive, and cost-efficient products and services. From office locations and equipment that maximize collaboration and communication, to ongoing investments in our data center, cloud and satellite infrastructure, our facilities and resources help us ensure client satisfaction and always-on uptime.


GDS Gen2 Modular Datacenter

GDS has built the first commercial Gen 2 Modular Datacenter in Louisiana.  Modular design ultimately enables an optimized delivery approach for matching IT needs. This ability to right-size infrastructure as IT needs grow enables enterprise alignment with IT and datacenter strategies. The module or container can also provide capacity when needed quickly for projects or temporary capacity adjustments. Resources are expensive. Modular datacenters can help right size solutions so that resources are optimally utilized. 


GDS Security Operations Center (SOC)

The GDS Security Operations Center (SOC) is where information systems in the data center, endpoints, and cloud are monitored, assessed, and defended against cyberattacks. The GDS SOC uses security log gathering and threat research tools to provide SOC staff an ability to monitor, investigate, assess, and mitigate cyber threats. Rather than simply responding to threats as they happen, the SOC works to monitor the network around-the-clock. Our SOC can streamline the security incident handling process, and triage and resolve security incidents efficiently and effectively. SOC integration makes it possible to automate the blocking of critical threats more quickly, from the core of the data center, through emerging cloud environments and out to remote endpoints.

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