Acadian Ambulance's Operation Demands Secure Connectivity

Acadian Ambulance


Acadian Ambulance had an on-premises phone system that was more than 20 years old. The system had been reliable, but it was a single point of failure and the backup systems were antiquated. The company wanted a hosted solution with a redundant architecture supported by a highly available WAN.

GDS delivered a fully managed WAN and communications solution with the highest levels of availability and 24/7/365 responsive support.

  • Hosted in GDS Datacenters with 99.999 percent uptime
  • GDS team monitors and manages the system around the clock and provides world-class help desk services and tiered engineering support.
  • One bill for all WAN and communications services.

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Acadian Ambulance Managed IT Case Study

Reliability Increased

Systems Efficiency Increased

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Case Study & Results

AA OneSheet CybersecurityAs a healthcare service provider, Acadian Ambulance knows that it’s a favored target of hackers and cybercriminals.

Global Data Systems helped Acadian Ambulance consolidate and rationalize its cybersecurity environment and protect itself from cyber threats.

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Voice & data connectivity
Case Study & Results

AA OneSheet nomad

GDS setup it's NOMAD solution for Acadian Ambulance to provide them connectivity in remote locations.

Internet connectivity plays a critical role in the delivery of healthcare and emergency services. GDS provides Acadian Ambulance with an easy-to-use solution that instantly provides voice and data services wherever need arises.

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