Proactive Monitoring, Maintenance and Support of the IT Environment

GDS Managed Infrastructure Services enable in-house IT teams to offload the burdens of managing increasingly complex infrastructure like servers, storage platforms & network and security devices, to us. 

  • Free your team to focus on larger strategic initiatives 
  • Access to monitoring tools that capture, correlate and analyze IT data
  • Proactive maintenance that prevents many problems

Problems It Solves

  • IT infrastructure maintenance and support headaches
  • Productivity lost due to network or system downtime
  • Performance problems that impact the user experience
  • Unpatched security vulnerabilities
  • Slow response to security events
  • Asset management challenges

Let Your IT Team Focus on Larger IT Strategic Initiatives

The IT environment is increasingly complex, encompassing large numbers of virtualized servers, storage platforms, and network and security devices. IT teams are tasked with ensuring that the IT infrastructure operates with highest levels of performance and availability. However, keeping tabs on all that gear takes significant time and resources, and distracts from strategic initiatives that add value to the business.

GDS Managed Infrastructure Services enable in-house IT teams to offload this burden while gaining greater insight into the functioning of the equipment. We have made significant investments in state-of-the-art monitoring tools that capture, correlate and analyze data from across the IT environment. This allows to quickly identify and remediate issues and security threats, and provide the insight needed to plan equipment upgrades.

Our team also performs proactive maintenance that prevents many problems before they occur. The result is an optimized IT environment and reduced security and compliance risks.

Experience the advantages of Managed IT Infrastructure
Let us simplify your IT today.

GDS Managed Infrastructure enables you to:

Ensure the performance, availability and security of the IT environment

while enabling in-house IT staff to focus on higher-value projects. The GDS team will perform proactive maintenance and apply patches and updates promptly.

Minimize the risk of downtime

through 24x7 monitoring and responsive support. Our highly trained staff will prevent many issues and rapidly identify and troubleshoot problems when they do occur.

Gain insight into the overall health of your IT environment

through real-time dashboards and historical reporting.

Enhance the productivity of your IT team

through streamlined management and support, improved automation, and more efficient hardware and software upgrades.

Respond more rapidly to security threats

through effective analysis of events and alerts. GDS helps you overcome the “noise” and alert fatigue that can put your organization at risk.

Better manage IT assets across their lifecycle

to reduce costs and risks and ensure adequate performance and capacity.