Cloud-based Solution for End User Security

Remote and mobile workers have become a prime target of sophisticated cybercriminals. Organizations need to extend corporate security controls to these vulnerable end-users, and rapidly detect and respond to attacks on mobile devices.

Problems It Solves

  • Mobile users unprotected by corporate security systems
  • Challenges securing remote sites against Internet threats
  • Lack of centralized visibility and control
  • Inability to quickly detect malware across endpoints
  • Complexity of extending security controls to devices you don’t manage
  • Insufficient staff resources to keep security tools up-to-date

The GDS End-User Security Service is a cloud-based solution that employ a three-pronged approach to protect users and devices on and off the corporate network. The solution continuously scans for malicious content to prevent it from reaching end-users, and actively monitors endpoint devices to detect and mitigate threats.

In the event of an active attack, the GDS End-User Security Service provides the rich contextual information needed for breach investigation. By understanding the origin of the attack, the device(s) affected and whether the attack can repeat itself, IT teams can prioritize remediation activities and shrink the time required to respond to the attack.

All security functions are performed in the cloud, so there’s no hardware to install or software to update. The solution can be deployed quickly and integrated with existing security tools to further enhance protection.

Stop Security Breaches Before They Start
See our end user security solution in action from one of our cloud security experts.

GDS end-user security enables you to:

Block access to malicious domains and content

before a connection is ever established or a file downloaded. DNS and IP-layer enforcement stops threats over all ports and protocols.

Protect endpoint devices

without the complexity and latency of traditional web gateways and their associated agents. Fast connectivity and 100 percent uptime ensure a great user experience.

Gain complete visibility across all users, devices and locations

through an easy-to-use, web-based management interface.

Leverage the power of cloud-based analytics

to identify patterns and detect anomalies. All process and file activity is continuously monitored and recorded so malicious behavior can be tracked throughout your environment.

Remediate malware

across all of your endpoints, including Windows PCs and laptops, Macs, smartphones, tables, Linux machines and servers.

Break the cyberattack chain

even if devices become infected. The GDS End-User Security solution effectively stops ransomware encryption, data exfiltration and connections to the attacker’s command-and-control servers.

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