Hurricane & Severe Weather Readiness Guide

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Here's what you'll learn by reading our Hurricane & Severe Weather Readiness Guide:

Creating A Business Readiness Plan

Learn what a disaster readiness plan is and how to prepare one for your business or team.

Protecting Your Facility

Get an itemized list of preparations you can make to protect your site or facility in the event of a severe weather disaster.

How to Operate Remotely

If severe weather prevents access to roads or your facility learn how you can be up and running quickly from a remote location

Working with A Recovery Services Provider

Get information on how using a recovery services provider like GDS can help you be better prepared and recover faster in the event of disaster

Effective Communication Strategies

Get tips on having an effective, clear communication strategy with your staff or team in the events leading up to, during and after a weather related disaster. 

We have to have highly available systems that never go down. GDS has been able to offer us business continuity by concentrating our WAN, voice and data through a single, trusted vendor.

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