LTE WAN Connectivity

Enhancing the Flexibility, Reliability, And Reach of the Wide-Area Network
An in-depth look on why 4G/LTE wireless should be part of any WAN architecture

Organizations have traditionally relied upon wired data transport services — MPLS or broadband Internet — for WAN connectivity. However, these services are slow to provision, are not available in all areas, and are subject to downtime if a cable is cut or the infrastructure is damaged.

Cellular technology overcomes these challenges and delivers the performance needed to support today’s applications.

Organizations can use 4G/LTE wireless for resilient backup connectivity and to add cost efficient bandwidth.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn the value of 4G/LTE in the modern WAN architecture
  • Discover primary and secondary use cases for cellular data transport.
  • Read more about 5G and it's revolutionary impact on connectivity 

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Discover Deep Insights into 4G/LTE in the modern WAN Architecture

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