Why You Should Make IT Risk Management a High Priority

Why You Should Make IT Risk Management a High Priority

Risk management was a classic back-burner issue in many IT organizations for years. Faced with tight budgets, staff shortages and day-to-day deadlines, most were inclined to focus their resources on their immediate needs. However, rapidly expanding attack surfaces are forcing organizations to make risk management a higher priority in 2023.

How a Zero-Trust Security Framework Protects Your Organization

Why Your Organization Needs a Zero-Trust Security Framework

For decades, information security practices were built around the core theory of “implied trust”an assumption that users and devices operating inside the network were trustworthy and that any threats would originate outside the network perimeter. That has become a dangerously flawed concept.

Security Awareness Training

What Is KnowBe4? Security Awareness Training That’s Effective and Entertaining

Cyberattacks by notorious international hacking gangs such as the Lazarus Group, DarkSide, Lapsus$ and the Legion of Doom make headlines and strike fear into everyone responsible for network and data security. As menacing as these groups may sound, Cindy in sales and Eric in engineering likely pose more imminent threats.

Security Awareness Training

7 Benefits of a Security Operations Center

Cybersecurity has become exponentially more difficult over the past few years due to the increased volume and sophistication of threats, a growing attack surface and a global shortage of security professionals. To address this perfect storm of challenges, more organizations are increasing their investments in security operations centers (SOCs).

Signs of a Phishing Attack

Learn to Spot the Telltale Signs of a Phishing Attack

The phish are biting. Learning to identify the common lures can help keep your organization from becoming the catch of the day.

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