Hosted Contact Center

Cloud Contact Centers Delivering Unprecedented Efficiencies

Many organizations that adopted cloud contact center solutions over the past two years did so out of simple pragmatism — pandemic-triggered restrictions required a transition to remote operations. A happy byproduct of that move has been the pronounced modernization of contact center processes.

What is a Managed Private Cloud?

Managed Private Cloud: Your Secure, Reliable and Flexible IT Environment

The traditional on-premises IT environment is typically built on a box-by-box basis, with devices added as needed, configured independently and managed manually. Years of continually adding servers, storage and networking gear to meet evolving business needs has resulted in large, complex IT infrastructures with exorbitant operational costs.

Business Continuity

The COVID-19 Pandemic Shines the Spotlight on Business Continuity Planning

This isn’t the typical hurricane season. Organizations that are already grappling with the sudden transition to remote work strategies now have the added worry that a tropical storm could put even more pressure on their operations.

Unified Communications

Why a Network Assessment Is Critical to the Success of Hosted Unified Communications

Many organizations have implemented communication tools in an ad hoc manner to facilitate collaboration among dispersed employees. The unfortunate downside is a fragmented communication environment that leads to inefficiency and a poor user experience.

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