How SD-WAN Simplifies and Optimizes Branch Office IT

The success of many organizations is largely dependent on the success of their branch locations. Satellite offices, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and even vessels on inland waterways need IT resources to keep up with today’s business demands.

The right technology, particularly a reliable, high-performance WAN, is critical to these facilities. In fact, even the smallest remote locations are now provisioning multiple Internet connections as a stopgap against downtime. Without connectivity, operations grind to a halt.

The problem is that many branch locations lack adequate IT support. IT staff in headquarters must manage the branch IT environment remotely, increasing the odds of extended downtime. On top of that, many remote locations have a hodge-podge of legacy WAN equipment and security appliances, making them less flexible and more vulnerable to threats.


managed sd wan

The right software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution can help overcome these challenges.

SD-WAN applies the software-defined concept to the WAN, virtualizing and automating many WAN functions and allowing IT to centrally manage multiple branch locations through a single interface. With SD-WAN, a technician doesn’t have to visit each branch to install and configure equipment or troubleshoot issues.

SD-WAN can support various types of transport services, including broadband Internet, LTE cellular and even satellite, with automatic failover from a primary to a secondary connection in the event of a service provider outage. Best-in-class SD-WAN solutions monitor network conditions in real time and automatically select the best WAN connection based upon application requirements.

SD-WAN also makes it possible to consolidate the branch IT stack by replacing routers, WAN optimizers, firewalls and other appliances with one integrated and optimized solution. This eliminates the need to purchase, manage and maintain multiple pieces of hardware. Less hardware also means a smaller IT footprint in branch locations, which often have limited space. Integrated security provides better protection against today’s sophisticated threats.


The advantage of managed security services is having your security tools monitored and managed by a team of experts

Consolidating the branch IT stack also improves flexibility. New locations can be brought online more quickly with a consistent environment that can be scaled to support growing numbers of users and devices.


Our fully managed SD-WAN solution, delivers

GDS Next-Generation Connect, our fully managed SD-WAN solution, delivers all of these benefits and more. It includes everything you need for branch connectivity and security with 24x7 management and support by our team of experts. With Next-Generation Connect, we can turn up a new site within 24 hours and provide you with consolidated billing for all WAN services across all of your locations.

Next-Generation Connect improves the performance and reliability of the WAN. Traffic is automatically moved to an alternate connection when an outage is detected to avoid downtime. Bandwidth is dynamically optimized and traffic is prioritized based on application requirements. This creates a WAN capable of meeting the demands of voice, video and cloud access.

Additionally, Next-Generation Connect offers advanced security features that help you prevent, detect and respond to security threats across branch locations without the need for disparate security tools at each site. This is critically important given that one-third of all cyberattacks occur at remote locations, according to Gartner estimates.

Your remote locations are the lifeblood of your operations. Let us show you how GDS Next-Generation Connect provides you with a cost-effective, fully managed SD-WAN solution that simplifies and optimizes branch IT.