Get Secure, Reliable Connectivity with SD-WAN and SASE

All signs suggest that businesses will continue to support hybrid and remote workstyles for the foreseeable future, but most IT leaders say it will require a significant shift in their networking philosophies. In particular, they expect accelerated adoption of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and secure access service edge (SASE) technologies to securely connect branch offices and distributed workforces with the cloud resources they need.


In a new Tech Validate survey of more than 1,600 senior IT professionals, more than two-thirds said they expect at least a quarter of their employees to continue working remotely on a regular basis. However, many also say extending connectivity to remote employees puts a strain on traditional WAN architectures, resulting in lackluster application performance (42 percent) and increased security issues (34 percent).

Providing remote employees with on-demand access to applications, services, data, storage and communications tools requires increased use of the cloud, but traditional WANs that use multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) services are not ideal for delivering cloud apps and services.


The Backhaul Problem

In an MPLS WAN, each location connects directly to the central data center. Traffic to cloud and Internet resources must be backhauled to the data center for security inspections before being redistributed. This technique, known as “hairpinning” or “tromboning,” creates latency that significantly degrades application performance.

SD-WAN eliminates the need for backhauling. Using software-based controllers to manage networking hardware, it directs traffic across the WAN and directly to cloud providers. Cloud connectivity is further optimized through application-aware routing, traffic prioritizing, automated provisioning and other sophisticated features.

SD-WAN eliminates the need for backhauling.

The emergence of SASE has made SD-WAN an even more attractive option. It essentially combines SD-WAN and multiple security tools into a unified, cloud-native service that eliminates many security issues plaguing remote work operations. Nearly three-quarters of organizations say they’ve experienced recent cyberattacks that exploited remote work vulnerabilities, according to a Forrester report.


Built-In Security

SASE makes it easier to secure distributed computing environments by allowing IT administrators to centrally set and manage security policies for all areas of the network. These policies effectively follow users, endpoint devices and applications across all points of network access, which ensures compliance.

In addition to unified policy management, SASE solutions combine multiple security solutions such as Firewall-as-a-Service, secure web gateways, DNS layer security, malware protection, intrusion detection and prevention, and cloud access security brokers. Additionally, it simplifies the IT infrastructure and cuts costs by reducing the number of individual security products organizations must purchase, deploy, manage and maintain.

In the Tech Validate survey, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they expect to conduct a complete WAN refresh in 2022, with 56 percent reporting they plan to implement SD-WAN and 48 percent planning to implement SASE.


Why a Managed SD-WAN Makes Sense

However, SD-WAN implementation can be challenging. Organizations must make sure their existing environment will support the functional needs of SD-WAN, and understand how different application requirements will impact your routing policies. It may be necessary to resize the network to meet growing user demands.

Implementation may be a DIY job for organizations with advanced expertise in network management, but most organizations will need some assistance. A qualified managed services provider has the expertise, manpower and processes necessary to streamline implementation and provide ongoing support.

GDS has leveraged more than three decades of enterprise networking experience in building our managed SD-WAN solution. Through our GDS Next Generation Connectivity service, we can design, configure, implement and manage a solution that will ensure you have secure and stable connectivity to your hybrid, remote and branch office employees. You can go here to set up an appointment to explore the many benefits of our managed SD-WAN solution.



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