What Is KnowBe4? Security Awareness Training That’s Effective and Entertaining

Cyberattacks by notorious international hacking gangs such as the Lazarus Group, DarkSide, Lapsus$ and the Legion of Doom make headlines and strike fear into everyone responsible for network and data security. As menacing as these groups may sound, Cindy in sales and Eric in engineering likely pose more imminent threats.

Security Awareness Training

A startling 95 percent of all cybersecurity breaches are the result of human error, according to a 2022 IBM study. Opening suspicious email attachments or web links, using weak passwords, accidentally emailing documents with sensitive data, and misconfiguring a device or application are among the common mistakes that can lead to financial and data losses.

Security awareness programs help correct such behaviors by promoting security best practices and an understanding of social engineering and hacking techniques. However, developing, implementing and managing a comprehensive program is a daunting task for most organizations. That’s why tens of thousands of companies rely on KnowBe4.


A Different Approach

KnowBe4’s integrated security awareness training program and simulated phishing platform is used by more than 50,000 organizations worldwide. The online platform includes an extensive library of prebuilt training modules, customizable templates and simulated phishing tests that are designed to be engaging and informative.

Employee engagement is perhaps the most compelling aspect of KnowBe4’s system. Research suggests that most corporate education programs tend to be generic and unimaginative. According to a recent Osterman Research study, almost 90 percent of employees said they believed their awareness training was ineffective because the training materials were dry, boring, poorly written or irrelevant.

KnowBe4’s integrated security awareness training program and simulated phishing platform is used by more than 50,000 organizations worldwide.

KnowBe4’s program uses a variety of techniques to keep things interesting and engaging. The user-friendly platform features interactive learning modules, videos, games and more, backed by a content library that is continually updated with information about the latest threats and current best-practice approaches for dealing with them.


‘The Inside Man’

An example of KnowBe4’s unusual approach is “The Inside Man,” an original streaming series now in its fifth season. The series follows a team of ethical hackers who take on cybercriminals around the globe while delivering security awareness principles in each episode. Customer reviews say it seems more like a binge-worthy Netflix drama than a security awareness program. It actually was a gold-medal winner in the corporate media category at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

Many of KnowBe4’s training modules were designed with the help of Kevin Mitnick, the one-time hacker and now internationally recognized cybersecurity specialist who provides an insider’s view into the world of cybercrime. Gamification features allow users to compete against their peers on leaderboards and earn badges while learning how to keep your organization safe from cyberattacks.

The platform also allows administrators to launch thousands of simulated phishing, ransomware, malware and spyware attacks that help employees learn to recognize, avoid and report threats. Within 24 hours of a simulated attack, your organization will receive a report describing how well your employees fared and which red flags they missed.


The Value of Consistency

Consistency is another feature of the KnowBe4 platform. One recent study found that employees forget much of what they’ve learned about cybersecurity after just a few months unless training is repeated regularly. Rather than subjecting employees to repetitions of the same old content, KnowBe4’s short training modules provide fresh content as part of an ongoing training campaign.

No matter how much you invest in security technologies and systems, employees who are ill-equipped to identify and avoid threats create a huge vulnerability for your organization. An engaging awareness program featuring a variety of teaching techniques is your best bet for delivering a recurring message that resonates with your users. Give us a call to learn more.



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