Video Surveillance Protects People, Not Just Property

We say this all the time and it always bears repeating: You’ve worked too hard to establish yourself in business to lose it to inadequate security. Imagine all your hard work – and livelihood – gone in a flash because your business wasn’t properly secured. The heartache of losing everything you worked for is hard enough, but don’t let any loss be your fault as well. Is physical security best for your business? Let’s discuss it and get your business secured!


dreamstime m 43791082 webresTypes of Theft
To determine the best security system for your business, you must understand the types of thefts that threaten your company first. There are two basic types of thefts: external and internal. External theft is that from an outside source, internal theft means your employees are stealing from you. Both can destroy your business in a heartbeat, so you must secure your business from each one.

Types of external theft include break-ins and robbery, company data theft, and copyright/trademark theft. Internal theft might be employees stealing merchandise or office supplies, and embezzling company funds. These are just some examples of the dangers facing an unsecured company.

Security System Mistakes that Could Cost You
Working cameras – those are important! It may sound simple, but non-functioning cameras are a real problem out there. Has there been a power outage lately? Are they old? Were they there before you bought/leased the space? Regardless, you should make sure that each of your cameras is functioning properly at least once a quarter.

Cameras can hang, lose focus, or be fried by a power surge, and if you don’t check on them routinely, you won’t realize that they aren’t working until it is too late

What You Can Do
So, what do you do to protect your company against external and internal security threats? You secure your company with an adequate surveillance system to keep an eye on things at all times. You might be thinking that this is “spying” on your customers and employees, but think again.

By using video surveillance to secure your company, you are not only protecting your company’s property, you are also protecting your customers and employees from potential danger. Imagine your shop being robbed and an employee shot in the process – what a horrible experience that I hope your company never faces. Surveillance protects people, not just property.

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