Why Highly Reliable, Secure Connectivity Is Critical in Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry faces numerous challenges, including fluctuating prices, competition from alternative resources, geopolitical instability, and environmental and safety regulations. Companies in the energy sector must be as agile and efficient as possible to respond to changing demands, maximize market share and gain competitive advantages.

Forward-thinking firms are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform their operations. Smart, Internet-connected devices can collect data from a wide range of source and analyze it in real time to enable better decision-making. These devices can also detect and automatically respond to emergency conditions and alert personnel to implement safety procedures.

Oil and gas companies looking to take advantage of the IoT will need to provide connectivity for these devices no matter where they are located. The network must have enough bandwidth to handle large volumes of data and high levels of performance to support real-time applications.


Oil and Gas SD WAN

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is the ideal solution for IoT applications in oil and gas.

SD-WAN uses a centralized controller to manage multiple WAN circuits, giving organizations the flexibility to use any combination of broadband Internet, 4G/LTE cellular, satellite or traditional telco circuits. The SD-WAN controllers has the intelligence to automatically route traffic over the best connection based upon availability, performance and cost, creating a more agile and resilient network.

The value of SD-WAN in oil and gas doesn’t stop with the IoT. Reliable and secure connectivity enables firms to:

  • Access key applications in the field. Data from pumps, valves, drilling equipment and more is constantly being fed into applications in the corporate data center or the cloud. Personnel in the field need access to these applications to ensure safe and efficient operations.
  • Connect field personnel with headquarters. Voice communications and collaboration tools enable field personnel to consult with experts as needed for project management and problem resolution.
  • Deliver healthcare services and training electronically. Video conferencing makes it easier for doctors to help medics in remote areas treat patients. Streaming video can be used to provide field personnel with job and safety training.
  • Attract and retain qualified personnel. Internet access, streaming media, video chat and other amenities can improve job satisfaction for workers who spend weeks or months in the field.

Forward-thinking firms are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform their operations.

NOMAD also features a GDS hosted unified communications service for voice, chat and collaboration. The intuitive interface works with a wide range of devices, making it easy for crew members to communicate with family and friends as well as onshore colleagues. Quality of Service capabilities optimize the user experience, while 24x7x365 support by the GDS team simplifies administration and ensures reliability.


 A Comprehensive Suit of Connectivity Options

GDS offers a comprehensive suite of connectivity options for companies in the oil and gas industry. Next-Generation Connect (NGC) provides industry-leading SD-WAN capabilities with flexible last-mile options. Quality of Service features optimize performance and ensure high-quality voice and video communications, while integrated security protects the network and data from cyber threats.

The GDS NOMAD and NOMAD-2GO solutions pack all of this functionality in a portable, ruggedized container to provide instant connectivity for two to 25 people. NOMAD-GOM is designed specifically for offshore operations, combining 4G/LTE wireless with satellite services for seamless connectivity.

All GDS connectivity solutions include all the hardware you need, and are managed and supported around the clock by our team of experts. We can provide connectivity to any location within hours and present you with one easy-to-understand bill for all telecom and satellite services.

With our headquarters here in Lafayette, LA., GDS has strong ties to the oil and gas industry and extensive expertise in networking and communication solutions for the energy sector. We are here to help you implement a highly reliable and secure network infrastructure with the performance and agility to meet all your connectivity needs.