Reliable Connectivity Is Critical for Expanding Bioresources Sector

The use of renewable biological resources to produce goods, services and energy has become an economic powerhouse. It has created a “bioeconomy” valued at more than $1 trillion and predicted to grow to more than $30 trillion over the next two decades. To accommodate expansion of their operations, bioresources companies are directing technology investments toward improving their cloud and network connectivity capabilities.

Reliable Connectivity Is Critical for Expanding Bioresources Sector

Robust connectivity and cloud infrastructure are essential for supporting the industry’s immense data collection and analysis requirements.

Biotech companies generate and analyze massive volumes of data, including genomic sequences, experimental results and research findings — much of which they share with researchers, collaborators and partners worldwide. A reliable high-speed Internet connection is crucial for efficient communication, data transfer and accessing cloud-based resources.


Security, Privacy and Compliance

Highly available network connectivity is essential for supporting the industry’s unique security, privacy and compliance requirements. Bioresources companies deal with sensitive data related to their operations, research and intellectual property. Reliable network connectivity allows them to implement robust security measures such as firewalls, encryption and remote data backups. It helps protect data integrity, prevent unauthorized access and ensure business continuity in case of data loss or system failures.

These companies must also meet strict regulatory standards regarding the collection, storage and movement of biological materials. Network-connected sensors play important roles in compliance efforts by ensuring that bioresources are maintained in appropriate conditions throughout their lifecycle.

Growth requires expansion into new geographic areas to provide convenient collection centers for their clients. That means turning up new locations quickly and cost-efficiently. However, bioresources companies typically lack the in-house expertise to provision carrier services, install cabling and implement all the IT equipment needed to run their business.


Redundant Connectivity

With decades of experience providing business connectivity solutions for multisite operations, GDS is uniquely positioned to address all the network requirements of growing bioresources companies. We have developed interconnectivity agreements with carriers worldwide, allowing us to deliver Internet connectivity to even the most remote locations.

For the bioresources industry, a reliable high-speed Internet connection is crucial for efficient communication, data transfer and accessing cloud-based resources.

GDS provides redundant connectivity options through our Next-Generation Connectivity (NGC) platform to ensure the highest possible levels of reliability. NGC combines fiber, copper and cellular connections into a fully managed and secure SD-WAN solution that minimizes downtime by automatically switching to a standby Internet connection when an outage is detected.

NGC also streamlines the process of provisioning services to new locations. Once a new facility is brought online, it is immediately discoverable as part of the organization’s network community. This enables companies to scale rapidly while ensuring that new locations open on time and on budget with the Internet access necessary to access corporate resources.

The NGC platform creates a mesh network that extends the secure perimeter to all branches and remote users. With this feature, the entire network shares advanced security features such as next-generation firewalls, antimalware protection, content filtering and more. Additionally, the GDS team monitors and manages the NGC solution around the clock to keep things running smoothly.


Turnkey Solutions

pic reliable bioresources connectivityMost importantly, GDS has deep expertise in the bioresources industry. We understand that bioresources companies are expanding rapidly, either through acquisition or organic growth. We help them convert existing locations to their technology standard or build new locations from the ground up.

Either way, we deliver turnkey solutions that allow them to fully outsource the provisioning and deployment of IT and communications equipment. We also offer OpEx, Hardware-as-a-Service options that allow bioresources companies to conserve capital and gain greater scalability and flexibility.

The bioresources market is set for rapid growth as companies fill an important need in the healthcare industry and bring a wide range of products to market. The GDS team can design, implement and manage solutions that support the unique IT and communications requirements of this emerging industry.



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