Why IoT Needs Cost-Efficient, Fully Managed LTE Cellular Connectivity

The healthcare industry is rapidly expanding its deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. According to a new report from MarketsandMarkets, healthcare organizations are using the IoT to streamline clinical operations, manage workflows and enhance patient care. Major IoT applications in connected healthcare include remote patient monitoring, medication management and medical asset tracking.

The need to increase operational efficiency is driving the deployment of IoT applications in other industries as well. Organizations in the public sector, retail, manufacturing and transportation verticals are widely adopting IoT applications to optimize their business processes.

As the implementations continue, the number of IoT devices is exploding. There were more than 26 billion active IoT devices in 2019, a number that’s expected to reach 31 billion during 2020. By some estimates, 127 additional IoT devices connect to the web every second.

Despite its vast size, however, the IoT is still in its infancy. Most organizations are still trying to figure out how to connect their IoT devices so they can monitor and control their assets and gather the data they need to make better business decisions.


Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity

LTE for the IoT

One factor driving IoT technology growth is the availability of fast cellular networks that connect embedded sensors and wireless devices. LTE cellular provides reliable and secure Internet connectivity for a wide range of devices in virtually any location. It can support telemedicine and other use cases that require significant bandwidth and high performance, as well as applications with modest bandwidth requirements.

Seamless connectivity is a key benefit of LTE — an LTE-enabled IoT device connects to the cellular network automatically without passwords or pairing. At the same time, the LTE network knows which devices are connected and uses strong authentication and encryption to protect applications and data.

However, carrier LTE data plans can prove costly for IoT applications, and incorporating LTE into the corporate network infrastructure adds to the complexity of IoT initiatives. Organizations must be able to integrate and manage multiple fixed, mobile, wired and wireless data sources with varying media types, connection speeds and communication protocols.


How GDS Can Help

NOMAD is a turnkey solution that provides WAN services in virtually any location where LTE is available.

GDS has developed a cost-efficient solution that can help with IoT deployments and other remote and mobile applications. The NOMAD service provides LTE connectivity in a fixed-rate pricing model with no overages. You get predictable financial and connectivity outcomes that allow you to focus on your IoT strategy instead of worrying about data usage.

While most LTE services offer only “best-effort” data transport, our solution uses Quality of Service (QoS) technology to deliver a differentiated service. You can prioritize business applications to ensure that your business requirements are met:

  • Logistics
  • Command and control
  • Telematics
  • Monitoring

Built-in security controls also provide robust protection against cyber threats.

NOMAD is a turnkey solution that provides WAN services in virtually any location where LTE is available. The all-in-one unit features a ruggedized LTE mobile router and two indoor LTE antennas. Outdoor antennas are also available. In addition, the unit includes two 10/100/1GB LAN ports and 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi, providing flexible options for connecting IoT and other devices. Each solution is preconfigured according to the customer’s requirements for true plug-and-play setup.

Like all GDS connectivity solutions, NOMAD is monitored around the clock and fully managed by our team of professionals. Let GDS help you reduce complexity and optimize the cost, flexibility and security of your IoT deployment.



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