How Remote Desktop Management Improves IT Efficiency

Desktop management has always been among the leading challenges facing IT managers, and the job just keeps getting more difficult as workforces become increasingly distributed. The time, expense and effort required to troubleshoot problems, update applications and patch operating systems across remote and office environments is a significant burden for in-house IT teams.

Remote desktop support

Employees working out of the office commonly encounter technical issues they can’t resolve themselves, but dispatching technicians to every location is a highly inefficient use of limited IT resources. According to an Enterprise Strategy Group survey, 94 percent of organizations say remote support requirements have contributed to increased workloads and “unsustainable stress levels” for IT staff.

Remote desktop support solutions provide an efficient alternative. Whether using specialized remote access software or working with a third-party service provider, companies can cut costs and improve efficiency by providing assistance and resolving issues without having a technician physically present at the device’s location.


Shifting Focus

Remote access software allows IT staff to establish a secure connection to a remote user’s computer. Once connected, technicians can work within the desktop environment as if they were physically present. They can run diagnostic tests, install software or updates, troubleshoot issues and provide training or support to the user.

Desktop support is an essential function of any IT organization.

Although remote access can be quite effective, there are unavoidable limitations. Even without travel time, support duties consume a huge chunk of IT staff time that might be better utilized elsewhere. Additionally, remote access doesn’t address all situations. For example, you’ll still need to deploy a technician to replace failed hardware.

Managed desktop support services from a qualified provider can be a more effective approach for organizations with limited IT staff. A provider with a deep bench of IT professionals can provide around-the-clock monitoring and management of all your distributed desktops, relieving in-house staff of much of the support burden and allowing them to devote more focus and expertise to other operational tasks and strategic initiatives.

A significant advantage of managed services is that they provide a single point of contact for all support-related issues. Instead of attempting to contact in-house IT personnel, remote users can reach out to the provider’s support team from anywhere at any time. This streamlines communication and helps ensure that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.


Proactive Support

The provider’s team monitors the desktop environment, enabling them to identify many issues before end-users experience an actual problem. Such proactive support minimizes the disruptions and downtime that can result when users wait until something stops working before requesting assistance.

Managed support services also help ensure the consistent application of software and hardware updates. Instead of responding to user support requests on an ad hoc basis, the provider’s team can remotely deploy updates, patches and fixes at scale across the entire organization. Keeping all desktops patched and updated keeps remote users productive and reduces the chances of costly downtime.

Remote support services also enhance security with real-time monitoring, correlation and analysis of threat activity in your environment, which enables proactive response to any issues that could potentially impact desktops. Additionally, centralized management eliminates the cumbersome process of managing antivirus software, malware protection and other security products on individual desktops.

Desktop support is an essential function of any IT organization, but it is a labor-intensive process that can divert resources from other important business initiatives. Our Remote Desktop Management Service allows customers to offload many of those responsibilities while providing remote users with responsive and reliable support when they need it. Contact us to discuss using our team to keep your distributed workforce operating at peak efficiency.



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