5 Reasons to Consider Physical Security Solutions for Your Office Locations

By Wade Berzas, Sales Manager, Global Data Systems, Inc.

I must be honest, my customers rarely ask me for help with video surveillance and access control physical security solutions, until it’s too late! Face it, it’s not sexy, it doesn’t generate revenue, and nothing will ever happen to me, right? 

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider physical security solutions for your office locations.


  1. SDA acccess controlSafety – Not only do cameras help you maintain safety around your business, they also discourage misbehavior. I remember, vividly, my first job offshore, when a deckhand jumped the railing of the derrick barge, like a hurdle, to show off how athletic he was. Unfortunately for him, the company utilized video surveillance on the back deck, and since this was no Sochi Olympic Trial, he was on the next thing smoking back to the beach. Even in office environments, cameras may reduce the amount of HR complaints for physical and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  2. Real-time monitoring – IP surveillance enables management to ensure efficiency in all of their operations. One of our most famous utilizations of this tool was an oil and gas exec who wanted to make sure the back decks of his chartered vessels were full prior to embarking for the shore base. The presence of surveillance cameras on the premises can improve communication between departments or buildings, allowing for heightened productivity.
  3. Prevent frivolous claims – this is one of the fastest ways to realize ROI on your physical security system! Companies utilize the data captured on their security system in litigation to defend their company’s position. In multiple cases, law suits were dropped against our customers because of data shown in court from a security system.
  4. Prevent theft – Prominently placed security cameras can help deter potential thieves and identify those who do steal. Each year companies lose thousands in small parts and materials due to theft.
  5. Visitor monitoring – Businesses continuously struggle to manage the flow of visitors to their locations. Whether it’s tracking visitors during an emergency, or denying access to restricted areas, companies struggle to manage visitors. Integrated physical security systems allow companies to set and manage policies for visitors, and use video surveillance to track where the visitor is on campus at all times.

Today, technology is moving at a rapid pace. If you are concerned with controlling visitor access, managing company efficiency, or the devastating affects accidents and criminals alike could have on your business, and would like help in assessing your physical security needs, call me at 1-337-291-6559 to discuss whether or not I can help.