Hometown Hero: The Benefits of Working with a Local or Regional MSP

Partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) makes good business sense, given the complexity of the IT environment and tech talent shortage. More organizations are turning to MSPs to support their technology assets and address growing security threats. MSPs also give customers the flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and changing market conditions.

benefits of local regional msp

The growing popularity of managed services has caught the attention of investors. A new Market Update from Drake Star finds that MSP mergers and acquisitions increased 54 percent in the fourth quarter of 2023. The MSP market is consolidating around fewer, larger MSPs. According to the report, the most acquisitive MSPs each closed four or more transactions in the past two years.

Market consolidation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By merging with a larger organization, an MSP can gain economies of scale by sharing functions across a larger customer base. Consolidation also gives MSPs access to a broader array of resources and the capital to invest in new solutions and services. In addition, joining a national organization enables an MSP to support customers with locations across the U.S.

There are downsides, however. For the MSP, a merger can mean layoffs, turnover and headaches trying to integrate with the larger company’s processes. There will likely be less flexibility and differences in priorities, values and management styles. This can make it harder for the MSP to maintain strong customer relationships.

That’s why it pays to look at local and regional providers when selecting an MSP. These MSPs offer several benefits that large, national organizations just can’t match.


Customized Managed IT Solutions

Hometown providers are more familiar with the needs of local businesses. They can interact with customers face-to-face, which fosters a deeper understanding of each customer’s unique challenges, goals and operational requirements. They are also better positioned to conduct pre-engagement assessments and in-depth consultations to gain a clearer picture of each customer’s unique challenges and objectives. This insight allows the MSP to tailor solutions precisely to the organization’s requirements and address state and local laws and regulatory mandates rather than pushing one-size-fits-all solutions.

Hometown MSP providers are more familiar with the needs of local businesses.


Faster Response for IT Issues

Time is of the essence when IT issues occur, and a well-staffed local provider can typically respond faster than a national organization. While many issues can be reported through email or a support portal, there will be times when customers need to reach out by phone. And if the MSP cannot solve the problem with remote access tools, a technician will have to go onsite.

When dealing with a large national provider, customers are more likely to experience delays getting support. With a local or regional provider, customers can speak with qualified technicians who are familiar with their IT environments. A local or regional MSP can also dispatch technicians quickly to troubleshoot problems.


Cost Optimization

All MSPs offer significant cost benefits by providing their customers with access to expertise without the cost of hiring IT professionals. The managed services model also enables organizations to utilize as-a-service solutions for a predictable monthly fee without large, upfront investments.

Local and regional providers can provide a variety of other benefits as well. For example, they can scale IT solutions to meet specific budget targets and eliminate unneeded features. They can also work with customers to identify areas where cost savings can be achieved through more efficient resource allocation, technology consolidation or other optimization strategies.


Experience the benefits of tailored, local IT solutions with GDS

A reliable, efficient and secure network has never been more important. At a time when every second counts, local and regional MSPs such as GDS offer tailored IT solutions, personalized service and the close relationships necessary to meet the challenges of an increasingly connected world. Give us a call to learn more about our services.



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