Public Utility Case Study

Public Utility Case Study

GDS delivers a range of connectivity, communications and managed services to help a public utility protect its assets and streamline operations

Discover how Global Data Systems (GDS) transformed a Louisiana public utility's IT landscape, fortifying security, enhancing communication, and ensuring unwavering performance and reliability. From post-9/11 security challenges to a 20-year partnership, GDS has been the cornerstone of this utility's technology evolution. 

In this case study, you'll learn about the benefits this company achieved through partnering with GDS:

  • Robust Security: GDS addressed stringent security mandates, upgrading the network, and implementing high-speed circuits to safeguard critical infrastructure.

  • Revolutionized Communication: GDS transformed the utility's communication with IP-based phone systems, centralizing customer support, and enabling flexible remote work.

  • Seamless Connectivity: GDS's data center infrastructure, firewalls, and wireless access points provided secure, remote access, supporting evolving needs.

  • Unrivaled Reliability: GDS offers 24/7 managed services, ensuring immediate response to disruptions and priority support through strong carrier relationships.

  • Strategic Expertise: GDS's engineering know-how and strategic consultations help overcome technical challenges and develop robust security strategies.

Learn about how our 20-year partnership evolved to encompass every aspect of their IT environment, making GDS an indispensable resource for protecting critical infrastructure and fostering effective communication.

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Discover how GDS fortified critical infrastructure security, ensuring compliance

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Learn how GDS provides 24/7 support safeguarding the utility's IT environment