Law Enforcement Agency Cybersecurity Case Study

Law Enforcement Agency Cybersecurity Case Study

See how GDS helped a sheriff’s department strengthen the cybersecurity of its IT network and reduce the risk of cyberattack

Law enforcement agencies face significant cyber threats because they store sensitive data and cannot tolerate the disruption of a cyberattack. If the personnel records of a law enforcement agency were exposed, it would put officers and their families at risk. Cybercriminals have also threatened to release the personal information of crime victims if the agency did not pay a ransom.

This large sheriff’s office was attempting to manage its cybersecurity environment in-house and was spread thin handling day-to-day administrative and support tasks as well as security events and alerts.

The agency turned to GDS for help, and we proposed a comprehensive solution that emphasized its end-user, email, and advanced infrastructure security services. These fully managed IT solutions enable the sheriff’s office to reduce the burden on its in-house IT team while reducing the risk of a cyberattack

  • GDS designed and implemented a comprehensive security solution that protects more than 800 endpoints, firewalls, and servers on the sheriff’s office network
  • Learn about our turnkey solution that was fully customizable to meet the agency’s specific requirements.
  • Fully managed, with 24x7x365 support through the GDS Network Operations Center (NOC)

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Law Enforcement Cybersecurity Case Study

Implemented a comprehensive cybersecurity solution

With GDS, the agency IT team can focus on strategic initiatives

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Discover How GDS® Cybersecurity Solutions Strengthened this Law Enforcement Agency's Security Posture