How Secure is Your Business?

Finding out now can save you from costly incidents in the future.

GDS cybersecurity specialists will perform a thorough vulnerability assessment on your IT assets, bringing you a better understanding of your risk profile and what can be done to protect your business.

Your comprehensive assessment includes:

Dark Web Scan

Find out of your personal data has already made its way to the Dark Web.

Network Analysis

A complete examination of your network will reveal security gaps and potential threats.

Penetration Test

We’ll actively test your network to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

Your comprehensive assessment includes: breaches have increased 67% over the last five years.

Increased data breaches cost companies millions of dollars per year

...small businesses make up 43% of cyber attack targets.

Small and medium sized businesses are increasingly being targeted

...a ransomware attack happens every 14 seconds.

Ransomware will cost an estimated $11.5 billion in damages.

Schedule Your Cyber Risk Assessment

A GDS representative will get in touch with you to discuss your cyber security needs.

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