Global Data Systems Helping Businesses Bolster Their Security Posture With Multifactor Authentication

Lafayette, LA, January 17, 2023: Global Data Systems (GDS), a leading full-service managed service provider, has recently been named on the MSSP Alert Top 250 MSSPs list.

As a security-first company, GDS focuses on providing secure services, such as Multifactor Authentication, to businesses so they meet regulatory compliance and qualify for obtaining cyber insurance. GDS Multifactor Authentication is a fully managed solution that adds another layer of security for businesses by requiring a combination of verification factors, such as a password or PIN along with a security token or mobile app. Research shows that more than 80% of all data breaches involve weak, default or stolen passwords, costing businesses millions. With that in mind, businesses from all industries are turning to Global Data Systems to help bolster their security posture.

“Multifactor Authentication is no longer an option for a sound security strategy”, said Bob Miller, Chief Operating Officer of Global Data Systems. “MFA is a complex implementation that touches everything from Role Based Access to Change Management. GDS has worked extensively to determine a repeatable process for onboarding customers' MFA solutions. To be successful, an MSSP and customer have to be partners if the outcome is to have the desired mitigation of credential compromise risk."

When it comes to businesses adhering to industry standards, implementing Multifactor Authentication is essential and most often required. Additionally, many cyber insurance providers have made MFA a requirement to obtain coverage. “Cyber insurance coverage will require protection against credential compromise by using MFA sooner than later”, said Miller. “Insurance claims have been denied due to Page | 2 poor MFA implementations or misrepresentations of the extent of MFA in claimants. MFA has to be done correctly and thoroughly.”

GDS makes it easy to adopt MFA for businesses, offering a fully managed solution, with comprehensive implementation services and ongoing administration and support. With GDS Multifactor Authentication, businesses are enabled to bolster security, minimize administrative overhead, add MFA to a wide range of applications, set up granular access policies, and offload implementation and management.



ABOUT GLOBAL DATA SYSTEMS: Established in 1987, Global Data Systems, Inc. (GDS) is a leading full-service managed service provider of Security, Connectivity, Managed IT, Voice & Collaboration and Cloud services. We help organizations boost their bottom line and streamline operations through strategic application of worldclass IT solutions. It is our passion for making IT simple that empowers our clients to reach their highest potential. With GDS as a partner, you can quit worrying about IT and focus on what matters most…your business. GDS is headquartered in Lafayette, LA with additional offices and sales and technical personnel in Baton Rouge, Lockport, and Houston, Texas.

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