Louisiana State Agency IT Case Study

State Agency Managed Services Case Study

See how GDS provided a comprehensive suite of managed services and a virtual CIO to help a Louisiana state agency

This Louisiana state agency was facing serious issues with outdated systems, gaps in IT operations and stretched thin personnel. GDS worked with the agency to modernize, monitor, maintain and secure its IT environment.

Another major feature of the services we provided was our GDS virtual CIO services. The Virtual CIO  helped to craft the Louisiana state agency’s IT strategy based upon a deep understanding of the agency’s mission, functions and budget cycles.

Through this partnership with GDS, the agency was able to increase its IT maturity and gain more consistent oversight of its technology infrastructure. Learn more in the case study:

  • See how GDS designed and implemented a comprehensive managed services system and virtual CIO
  • Learn about our turnkey solution that was fully customizable to meet the agency’s specific goals and strict confidentiality requirements.
  • See how this is a great example of effective IT outsourcing

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See How GDS Solved this Client's Problem

Law Enforcement Cybersecurity Case Study

Implemented a comprehensive managed IT solution with a virtual CIO

With GDS, agency leadership can focus on strategic initiatives

GDS met strict confidentiality & operational requirements