Webinar: How to Get Your Business Back to Work and Adapt to the New “Normal” Post COVID 19

GDS Managed IT Webinar
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Global Data Systems
Global Data SystemsCyber Security & Connectivity Experts

The Managed IT experts at Global Data Systems discuss ways you and your organization can get back to work post COVID-19. In this past webinar we discussed:

  • What does the new “normal” look like
  • How did COVID-19 change the business landscape
  • How do you keep your project team securely connected
  • How to identify your return to work strategy
  • Keep employees engaged in this new remote worker environment
  • What Shadow IT issues ensued amongst collaboration platforms in regards to security, price points, and effectiveness

This was a great, in-depth discussion on getting back to work.  If you'd like to comment and talk to us about this video, visit the Global Data Systems Facebook Page >