There’s really no such thing as an 8 to 5 business anymore. Even if your office closes at 5:00 pm, employees still expect access to email, collaboration tools, and other applications and data. Customer-facing applications need to be available, too. And your cybersecurity tools better be working around the clock because hackers never sleep.

Technology drives business innovation and efficiency, but IT operations are not among the core competencies in most organizations. Managed services arrangements address this gap by providing access to advanced IT expertise while also helping organizations efficiently allocate limited resources and control spending.

In our last post, we discussed five of the top cyber security trends for 2020. Security analysts are predicting that phishing attacks will continue to increase, and that hackers will accelerate their use of AI-powered tools to automatically carry out attacks. Mobile devices will be targeted, as will data that’s stored in the public cloud without effective security controls. Analysts are also expecting an increase in “ripple effect” incidents in which multiple parties in a supply chain are attacked.

Cybercriminals have healthcare organizations under siege, according to a new report from MalwareBytes. “Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques: The 2019 State of Healthcare” documents a stunning 60 percent increase in security threats in just the first nine months of 2019 compared to all of 2018.

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