GDS & Acadian Ambulance

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GDS provides a resilient network for 911 services organization.

acadian_ambulance__linkAcadian has been doing business with GDS since 2010. Acadian consumes services for network operations center and management of data circuits for its primary communications centers in Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana a combination of other managed services across all five of our communications centers.

Having GDS come in, being a Louisiana-based company with local infrastructure and talent, Acadian had a sense that they could apply the level of urgency needed for outages and being more proactive to prevent outages as a whole.

GDS brought Acadian immediate access to network operations infrastructure, datacenter talent, and management of an MPLS network that is extremely resilient providing local talent when and where needed in 3 states.

Since 2010 the relationship has grown in an extremely positive way. GDS has continued to learn more and more about our business, as well as what is important to Acadian's success long-term.

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