Global Services Program from GDS coming in 2014.
Coming in Q1 2014, GDS will be announcing its new platform for companies wanting to become a channel partner. Called Global Services Program, GDS will offer reseller and private label opportunities to qualified partners in the IT and Telco space for its catalogue of voice, video, satellite and internet services.

"This is a major next step in the GDS 5-Year Strategy", touts Ned Fasullo, Chief Marketing Officer. "We believe that putting our world-class services in the telecommunications discipline, into the hands of qualified partner companies will enable us to grow into a major national and international player very quickly, while providing some much needed competition for the cable providers, VSAT providers, and telco's out there."

If you are interested in qualification for the GDS Global Services Program, please contact:

Ned Fasullo
Chief Marketing Officer
(225) 754-4894