GDS Can Manage Costs in Downturn Economies!

GDS can consult on a solutions path for managing costs and services when downturns occur without sacrificing scalability when needed.

When your industry sector takes a hit, most companies begin to address controlling expenses as a first line of defense.  In drastic situations, as is happening in the Oil & Gas Sector, companies are rapidly downsizing their physical staff, office locations and physical assets.  If you're company is currently faced with a rapid decline in revenue and opportunity, and cutting back is essential, GDS can help.

Controlling Downsizing with Managed IT Services.  

Let's face it.  There are always two departments in most organizations that get reduced or removed in any downturn - IT and Marketing.  From an IT perspective, when staffers are let go, they are mostly going to be in your lower-end (read desktop, server, helpdesk) type employees as higher level and more highly trained individuals must continue on to operate critical systems.  GDS can provide your organization with a managed platform for handling your helpdesk needs, and remotely monitoring and maintaining your desktops, laptops, email and servers for a fraction of the cost of employing human assets.  This allows your company to maintain a high level of operational efficiency without the burden of overhead and staff.

Infrastructure Auditing and Analysis for Office Closures.

Some companies that have office or plant locations in multiple areas tend to consolidate and/or even sell off certain areas that were either unproductive or that they simply cannot afford to maintain in a downturn.  GDS can assist your leadership team in helping to determine (from an infrastructure stand-point), which locations make the most sense to terminate or sell based on the type and quantities of IT and Telecom infrastructure you have in place.  We can also assist you with 're-routing' this infrastructure to close the loop on your network once completed.

Infrastructure Expense Auditing for Consolidation.

One thing most successful, fast growing companies don't do very well is monitor IT/Telco spend with IT/Telco infrastructure.  In other words, you end up keeping things you don't need or use, and buying things you don't need or worse, buy the wrong things.  GDS can provide your company leadership with a complete infrastructure and expense audit handled by our Solutions Architects that will give you a complete blueprint of your infrastructure and expense ecosystem.

Remember too that for every downturn, there is always an upturn.  When the upturn occurs, many organizations have to scale up very rapidly.  The same methodlogies we employ on a downturn occassion work equally as well during an upturn occassion, providing a closed loop service and a guarantee against over-spending in the future.